Gayle Kingswood

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KingswoodTitle: Director

Company: G Energy Management Consultants LTD

Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Mrs. Kingswood is a self-driven professional with over four years of experience in her field. For the last year, she has owned and operated G Energy Management Consultants LTD, an energy consulting company for small and medium-sized businesses. She has set up her company to manage clients’ gas and electric contracts, ensure them the best rates, and generate substantial savings. Utilizing her expertise in contracts, she negotiates best market rates for her clients and offers a follow-up management service which includes transfer of supply, managing billing and pricing issues, hands in letter of termination, renewals, group contracts and does a full analysis to ensure clients are on the appropriate meter for their business consumption.

Attributing her success to taking a lot of pride in what she does, Mrs. Kingswood became involved in her profession due to working within a couple of the large energy suppliers thus gaining valuable inside knowledge in regards to account management and direct sales. This led her to continue in the same field but can now concentrate on generating substantial savings on both business gas and electric for large and small businesses.

Mrs. Kingswood is a Registered Nurse, as conferred by the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. She was a Finalist for a National Sales Award and the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Award and was recognized as a New Sales Person of the Year in 2009. Looking forward, Mrs. Kingswood hopes to grow her company as big as she can and retain a good client base providing honest and trustworthy service to her clients. She firmly believes in establishing strong business relationships by reputation and satisfaction in an excellent service.

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