Claude Labrecque

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LogoTitle: President

Company: DBN Studios

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Claude Labrecque founded DBN Studios nine years ago with the intention of creating a one-stop shop for clients’ Web, video, film, and high-end webcasting needs. The film and Web production company provides a variety of outlets to produce and stream content of the Internet and help their clients gain an online presence. DBN Studios employs the best and brightest designers who excel in video and photographic manipulation and have mastered the cinematic approach.

Mr. Labrecque amassed 30 years of industry experience and is recognized as a leader in video Web production. As president, he is tasked with overseeing research, production development and sales, creating strategic plans, and managing employees. Through his leadership approach, Mr. Labrecque fosters an environment that promotes creativity and uses the latest film, video and photography techniques to exceed clients’ expectations and get their intended messages across.

Mr. Labrecque completed coursework at Concordia University and continues to educate himself through his experience. He attributes all of his success to his drive and vision. In the near future, Mr. Labrecque would like to see his company gain recognition on an international level.

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