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Kim Higgins Lane 1192867Title: Store Owner (Retired)

Company: McDonald’s

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kimberly Lane was a second generation owner of one of the most famous and most popular fast food chains in the world. She began working for McDonald’s as a part-time employee after graduating from high school. Ms. Lane enjoyed the variety of being in an industry where each day is always different and made the decision to stay on and establish a career with the company.

For more than 12 years, she worked tirelessly to ensure her customers ate the highest quality food and that her business experienced profitability. Ms. Lane also improved the restaurant’s cash flow and managed the daily operations. She was successful in doubling her facility’s cash flow.

Ms. Lane achieved great success in her leadership role. Her restaurant was a two-time recipient of the Restaurant of the Year award, in 2009 and 2010, and she earned the Manager of the Year award in 2000. She is also very proud of the fact that her restaurant manager received an award for his service, and one of her supervisors was nominated for an award. One aspect of running a business she prides herself on is always putting her employees first. Ms. Lane understands how valuable hardworking individuals are to the success of any business and believes that showing appreciation and giving respect makes the employees want to work for you.

Attributing her professional success to her personnel development skills, Ms. Lane intends to explore new avenues in the future.

Kim Lane was originally selected for inclusion in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals in October 2013. We are proud to be featuring Ms. Lane again in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals for 2014.

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Kim Higgins Lane 1192867


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