Tessa M. Szwagierczak

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Tessa Szwagierczak 1608600Title: Sole Practitioner

Company: Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Tessa Szwagierczak always harbored a passion for small businesses, and thought it wasn’t fair that there were many firms that did not have the time or want to help them develop their business. Eight years ago, Ms. Szwagierczak decided to open an accounting practice that would help small businesses with their administration and financial needs. Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation is a one-stop shop for financial needs, including accounting, payroll and tax services. The company is known for its ability to alleviate the administrative duties for clients and for providing “more than just the numbers.”

Aside from her strong accounting skills, Ms. Szwagierczak is recognized for her ability to build trusting relationships with her clients. She prides herself on treating each client with respect and taking the time to listen to what her clients say or feel. Ms. Szwagierczak wants her clients to reach the next level of success and encourages them to take the time to understand what their company is doing, as well as its accomplishments from year to year so that they can know what needs to be met to advance to the next stages of business growth. She has helped numerous struggling businesses become profitable and financially stable, and provided tips on how to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Ms. Szwagierczak is a certified general accountant who served as the owner and president of Adda Accounting Services before establishing Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation in May 2004. Her previous experience provided her with the necessary skills to make her new business venture a success.

Ms. Szwagierczak attributes all the success she has experienced in her career to her caring nature, ability to listen, and to her hard work. Since most of her clients will be retiring in about seven years, she plans to do the same in the coming years. But before she retires, Ms. Szwagierczak wants to ensure that her clients are ready to retire and will help prepare them for their futures.

Tessa Szwagierczak 1608600


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