Germain Denis

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Germain Denis 34986Title:

Company:  G. Denis MA

Location: Quebec, Canada

Interested in the great trends and forces that shape society, Germain Denis made the decision to pursue a career in the public sector. Over the course of his illustrious career, he garnered 42 years of experience and served in a variety of positions. Known for his strengths in food and grain market analysis, he has been tasked with monitoring international grain agreements regarding trade and food aid conventions, attending conferences with government and industry leaders, and monitoring and conducting analysis of international food and grain markets. Mr. Denis also promotes measures to enhance the food security of developing countries, and furthers international trade liberalization reforms.

Mr. Denis made significant and lasting contributions in support of free trade in North America and was instrumental in the establishment of the World Trade Organization as an institutional anchor to support an open, fair and stable trading framework essential for growth and the realization of sustainable development opportunities. For his work in this area, he earned numerous accolades. Mr. Denis received The World Medal of Freedom from the American Biographical Institute, Agri-Food Cooperation Medal from the International Industrial Academy in Russia, Great Minds of the 21st Century Award, and American Medal of Honor.

Mr. Denis earned a Master of Public Administration at Université Laval and a bachelor’s degree from the Université de Sherbrooke. Mr. Denis was the executive director of the International Grains Council and the Food Aid Committee. He remains available to the International Trade and Economic Development Division for the Public Service Commission of Canada. He attributes all the success he has experienced in his career to his knowledge of the industry and his familiarity with the practical workings of the multilateral system of international cooperation. He has also showed a strong and sustained commitment to reforming the global governance system in support of freedom, peace and opportunities for future generations.

Germain Denis 34986


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