Kevin Berland

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LogoTitle: President

Company: GSA Sales Inc.

Location: Birmingham, AL, United States

Soon after Kevin Berland graduated from Kansas University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration, he was accepted into the Wire Rope Corporation of America’s elite training program. He gained hands-on experience of the manufacturing industry and has progressed in the field ever since. Today, he has amassed 29 years of professional experience and serves as the president of GSA Sales Inc., a business consulting company that provides services in independent sales for manufacturers, including territory expansion, sales techniques, product and industry knowledge, and client relations. An expert business manager and leader, Mr. Berland is tasked with developing relationships with distributors across the territories of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Prior to attaining his current position, Mr. Berland spent eight years working as a distributor’s representative for different rigging shops throughout the Southeast, and spent 15 years working for Guy Stone & Associates, Inc. For his strong work, he earned a variety of awards and accolades. Mr. Berland was a two-time recipient of the Salesman of the Year award through American Webbing, Outstanding Achievement award from Esco, and earned a plaque for Best Sales Percentage Increase while working at Renfroe.

Mr. Berland is well regarded by other industry professionals for his resourceful problem-solving skills and goal-surpassing results. He attributes his success and strong industry reputation to his ability to drive bottom-line revenues, build strong partnerships, and to working with integrity, as well as his consistency and persistence. In the coming years, Mr. Berland intends to continue expanding his company’s services.

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