Helen Campbell

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Helen Campbell 1425723Title: Registered Professional Homeopath

Company: Private Practice

Location: Armadale, United Kingdom

Helen Campbell gained an interest in homeopathy after she saw how it helped her daughters with their disabilities. This led her to train in the subject on local, national and international levels. Today, Ms. Campbell has garnered 40 years of professional experience, with 23 years in her current position.  As a registered professional homeopath, Ms. Campbell volunteers with several small charities and shares her knowledge of classical homeopathy with others.

For her work, Ms. Campbell was honored as a fellow in the Science and Technology Division for the Royal Scottish Society of Arts. She also keeps abreast of changes in the field through her affiliation with the Society of Homeopaths, The Scientific Medical Network, Scientific and Medical Network, and Institute of Directors, UK.

Ms. Campbell is a certified practitioner of classical homeopathy, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in science at The Open University, diploma at Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine, and Master of Arts in history and economics at The University of Edinburgh. She attributes all the success she has experienced in her career to her determination. In the coming years, Ms. Campbell intends to become a published writer.

Helen Campbell 1425723


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