Peter Broad, P.Eng.

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Peter Broad 1644461Title: Team Leader, Principal Metallurgist

Company: BBA Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

With 40 years of industry experience, Peter J. Broad, P.Eng. gained a reputation as a strong leader whose knowledge of metals and skills in engineering are unmatched. Mr. Broad is highly skilled in:

  • Precious metal extractions
  • Environmental risk reduction
  • Tailings facility management
  • Site clean-up and remediation
  • Pyrometallurgical processing of copper, nickel and gold
  • Pressure leaching of base metals, solvent extraction and electroplating of metals

Mr. Broad has been working for BBA Inc., an independent engineering consultancy that works with a variety of industries in metal and mineral extraction, for the past year. An integral member of the company’s staff, Mr. Broad is tasked with ensuring that mining and metal processing companies function economically, and with due regard to local communities for maximized extraction and best operating practice.

Mr. Broad’s interest in the industry stems from his father’s work in oil. While he knew he didn’t want to do the exact same work as his father, Mr. Broad realized that working in a similar area would suit his skills and personality. Before joining BBA, Inc. he worked for Tetra Tech, EnviroMet Services, Diepdaume Mill, Pioneer Metals, Sherritt Gordon MacLellan, Teck Corporation, Kidd Creek Mines, Hartebeestfontein Gold-Uranium Mine, Matthey Rustenburg Refiners, and Roan Selection Trust. His varied experience helped him learn all facets of the industry and become a sought-after leader.

A licensed professional engineer who serves as a fellow of Engineers Canada, Mr. Broad attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his illustrious career to his talents as a generalist and to always finding a way to get things done. He looks to continue solving complex problems and advancing the state of the industry in the coming years.

Peter Broad 1644461


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