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LogoTitle: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Malama Composites

Location: Solana Beach, CA, United States

David Saltman is a highly regarded professional who has achieved great success in every venture he has been a part of. His latest business endeavor centers on creating a more sustainable environment through developing cleaner bio-based polyurethane foams and products. Mr. Saltman founded Malama Composites in 2009 after serving in executive positions for a variety of energy companies. Malama, which is Hawaiian for to care of, or protect, develops and manufactures rigid urethane foams made from renewable resources for various industrial applications. The company’s products don’t create any water or air pollution during the manufacturing process, contain no blowing agents or toxic additives, and are easier to recycle and reuse. These Earth-friendly materials are developed from plants, including soy and castor, and do not have a negative impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.

Recognized as a pioneer in the industry, Mr. Saltman’s passion for the energy sector and his entrepreneurial spirit have been the driving forces behind his success. His determination to create a more sustainable world has gained him a reputation as an advocate for environmental innovation and made him a leader who is sought after for advice and guidance. Mr. Saltman has helped market groundbreaking products that have changed the energy industry immensely. While he was the CEO of Open Energy Corporation, Mr. Saltman used his influence to inform and educate the public on photovoltaic roofing tiles and membranes. He also was responsible for marketing the first medium density fiberboard made from 100 percent recycled urban wood waste when he was the chief marketing officer of Flexform Technologies. Additionally, Mr. Saltman worked as the vice president of marketing and sales at Girdcore Systems International and was president of BioComposites International, and served on the presidential task force that developed green procurement guidelines for the U.S. government.

Aside from his work at Malama, Mr. Saltman founded CleanTECH San Diego, and has presented at the U.S. Green Building Council, Pacific Rim Conference, Businesses for Social Responsibility, and at Industrial Designers Society of America. He is also the founder of Nomad Mobili, which manufactures and sells modern, handcrafted, eco-friendly furniture, and is the principal for Re Search & Design, which is a consulting company he and his wife established to help develop innovative products, technologies and designs.

Mr. Saltman received various honors for his contributions to the industry. He earned an award from the American Marketing Association, the National Recycling Coalition, and the American Composites Manufacturing Association among others.

For more information about Malama Composites, please visit http://www.malamacomposites.com.

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