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Brian Allison 1503221Title: President & Chief Executive Officer

Company: Element Power Systems, Inc.

Location: Brentwood, CA, United States

A dedicated and passionate professional, Brian Allison made the decision to take his knowledge of solar and clean energy and create an energy company that would provide clients with unique eco-friendly services. Mr. Allison founded Element Power Systems, Inc. 12 years ago and has watched it gain a stellar reputation for its energy and installation services.

Mr. Allison is an expert in solar panel installations and has been in the solar industry for the past 10 years. He has installed hundreds of residential and commercial solar energy systems in the greater California Bay Area. As the president and the CEO of his company, Mr. Allison is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company, including sales, marketing and customer service, designing the correct solar energy systems to meet his clients’ needs, and working either with clients directly or as a subcontractor for larger projects. He also educates clients and assists them in filing the necessary paperwork for receiving the rebates or incentives that they qualify for.

Certified and Licensed in C10 and C46, Mr. Allison attributes all the success he has experienced in his career to his experience in the industry, keeping his customers happy, and building a team of experienced professionals that work with him. In the near future, he would like to open satellite offices and work across the nation. He also aspires to invent processes and hardware for patenting and distribution.

For more information about Element Power Systems, Inc., please visit

Brian Allison 1503221


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