Derek Hollis

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LogoTitle: Founding Partner, Operations Director

Company: Interact

Location: London, United Kingdom

For the past 17 years, Derek Hollis has been running and leading Interact, a corporate training, development and communication company that uses drama-based training, management and communication skills training to improve business presentations and communication with employees. The company has a proven track record of success working with companies and individuals in the private and public sectors. Its theater-based training enables clients to tap into their creative side and develop engaging and interactive communication approaches and presentations.

Mr. Hollis started out as an actor, producer and director in the theater. He spent several years with repertory companies throughout the UK and with the National Theatre. Mr. Hollis also co-founded his own touring company, Notthe National Theatre and worked at the company for six years before leaving to found the Meridian Theatre Company, which is a charitable organization that supports other small theater companies. After gaining extensive experience in the industry, he decided to take the skills he learned through acting and performing and apply them to the business world. 

As the operations director, Mr. Hollis is responsible for running a team of project managers, and overseeing logistics, training and assessment. He also works with clients and assists them in tailoring the training programs to fit their culture. Mr. Hollis attributes all the success he has experienced in his career to never standing still and remaining innovative. In the coming years, he intends to expand the services of the company.

For more information about Interact, please visit

Derek Hollis 1688311


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