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Kira Dunham 1624759Title: Owner, Consultant

Company: Kiwehtin Consulting

Location: Ontario, Canada

With a specialized expertise in forest ecology, Kira Dunham decided to utilize her skills to advise chiefs and councils of First Nations. She began to build and maintain relationships with industries and governments, which enabled her to branch out on her own and create Kiwehtin Consulting. Her consulting company’s services include:

• Permit reviews
• Environmental assessment-related work
• Negotiations and mediation consulting services for Taykwa Tagamou Nation and other First Nations
• Ecologic knowledge

Ms. Dunham is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality services, and handles her responsibilities with great care. In her role, she is tasked with meeting the goals of various communities, chiefs and councils as First Nations forge ahead in the ecological fields and deal with the increasing use of their traditional territories, managing and leading projects, acting as a strategic consultant to review hydro-development documents and permits, and incorporating TEK in permitting work plan requirements as per the EA. 

Prior to starting her own consultancy, Ms. Dunham was a research scientist at NASA- BOREAS, an operations manager for Burns Lake Native Development Corporation, a First Nations coordinator for Tembec, and a natural resource liaison officer for Taykwa Tagamou Nation. Ms. Dunham also served as a research scientist at the University of Toronto, forestry technician for Natural Resources Canada, and independent auditor for Rainforest Alliance. Her varied background exposed her to all facets of the industry and has enabled her to become well versed in analysis and evaluation, and project management.

Ms. Dunham takes great pride in her work and is always looking to help First Nations while protecting the environment. She played a major role in the Lower Mattagami River Hydro Redevelopment project and looks forward to taking part in a project that includes a multi-site solar in Northern Ontario with Northland Power. She attributes all the success she has experienced throughout her career to her listening skills, understanding of different cultures, and fluency in different languages.

Ms. Dunham earned a M.Sc.F. in ecology and hydrology, a post Bachelor of Science in resource management, and a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto. She also holds a FSC Certification, and is certified in ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

Kira Dunham 1624759


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