Kevin Kane

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LogoTitle: President

Company: Kevin Kane Consultants, Inc.

Location:  Geneva, IL, United States

Kevin Kane got his professional start as a newspaper reporter and spent the majority of his 31-year career in the publishing industry. After officially retiring from his position of president at McGraw-Hill Irwin in 2011, Mr. Kane decided to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. He is currently the part owner of two green energy companies, Light Time 2 and Windtech, Inc., and runs his own consultancy. Kevin Kane Consultants, Inc. offers clients a wide range of business consulting services specializing in startup strategy development and fundraising. The company also offers educational services as his wife, Mary Lee Kane, is a full partner of the business and a K-12 educational consultant, independent reading and tutoring specialist.

Highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-notch services, Mr. Kane draws on his past experience and vast knowledge of business to help startups and other businesses create comprehensive new business plans, develop new and revised business strategies, and raise investment funds. He also provides critical counsel to senior management of both startups and mature businesses, and collaborates with his clients to craft realistic, executable, high-impact action plans. Mr. Kane thoroughly enjoys being able to meet new people and build new lifelong relationships while continuing to learn more on a daily basis. His desire to share his knowledge has led to his successful business ventures and motivated him to publish his work. Mr. Kane is the author of numerous published works of nonfiction and fiction.

Mr. Kane attributes his success to having the ability to ask a lot of good questions, to listen carefully and then distill things down to the three to five most important issues, while evaluating a company or an individual. He is excited to continue growing his business and reaching a wider client base in the near future.

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