Francois Goulet

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LogoTitle: Vice President, General Manager

Company: Centre de l’Escalier Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Deciding he wanted to work in a value added industry, Francois Goulet got involved in construction. Today, he has 16 years of experience and has been serving as the VP and GM of Centre de l’Escalier Inc. for the past seven. The construction company specializes in building stairs and doing home repairs.

Mr. Goulet is familiar with all work performed within the company, and is recognized as a strong leader and supervisor who is gifted at enhancing all positions in the company. He has an amazing ability to communicate and identify with all people within the organization regardless of position and find common goals to ensure things get done in an efficient and effective manner. In his position, he is responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of 152 employees, giving administrative direction, handing production, advising on technical issues, and giving monthly reports to directors.

Prior to joining Centre de l’Escalier Inc. in 2006, Mr. Goulet served in a variety of management positions. He started his career as a sales and purchasing coordinator for Scierie Tessier et Lachance, and eventually progressed to sales and purchasing manager at Produits Forestiers Bellerive Ka’n’enda. Mr. Goulet also served as the general manager of Scierie des Montagnes-Scierie Montauban, Bois Kananda, and Séchoirs Ste-Monique.

Mr. Goulet attributes his success to his ability to communicate on an informed and personal level with all individuals in the company and demonstrate the leadership necessary to create a cohesive and productive outcome. Looking toward the future, Mr. Goulet hopes to be able to grow professionally and expand his knowledge base.

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