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Joe Tutino 1730633Title: President

Company: Vivere Express

Location: Quebec, Canada

In 1999, with the backing of investors, Joe Tutino opened his first establishment, Ristorante Vivere. He quickly realized that most individuals were always on the go and he decided to create a company that provided ready-to-go lunches without long lines. With that in mind, he opened a second express take-out restaurant that featured new concepts and a fresh look. Vivere Express was formed in November 2013 and provides customers with takeout food services containing foods with no preservatives or additives. All menu items are prepared using natural ingredients and are cooked to order to ensure optimal freshness, and come in biodegradable packaging.

The company caters to downtown Montreal, and offers fresh sandwiches and menu items, including illy coffee, produced by Illycaffè S.p.A. Mr. Tutino’s goal is to provide people on the go with quick and healthy breakfast and lunch options. “Backed by quality products, served quickly, and at a fair price – this is something that our customers will appreciate even more,” said Mr. Tutino. “The time constraints of a person’s typical work day provide us with an opportunity to offer our customers lunches that work within that normal lunch hour and even breakfast-to-go.”

As the president of the company, Mr. Tutino is responsible for overseeing branding, purchasing, logistics and the restaurant’s daily operations with the assistance of a team of managers and staff that has been with him for an extended period of time. While a major part of his job is managing the business, Mr. Tutino still enjoys using his creativity to develop fun and new recipes, as well as healthy and delicious salads.

Mr. Tutino has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years. He got his start as a kitchen assistant at Pasta Bella where he worked for four years before becoming a stakeholder with Ristorante Vivere De LaGauchetière. His past experience assisted him in learning the industry’s ropes, and he became well versed in branding, strategic planning, business development, and trend watching.

Mr. Tutino attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his career to his work ethic, which was instilled in him by his father, as well as the support he receives from his family. In the coming years, he intends to open more locations.

Joe Tutino 1730633


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