Bruce L. Jackson, BA, CA, CPA

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Bruce Jackson 1741749Title: Corporate Director

Location: Ontario, Canada

Bruce L. Jackson is a highly regarded executive who amassed 30 years of experience in the financial industry. His career spanned more than three decades and he worked for some of the most prominent companies in the world.

Mr. Jackson started his career at Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants. He immediately joined the company’s staff after graduating from college and worked his way up the ranks over 16 years. Mr. Jackson became a company partner in 1979 and served in that role for five years before joining Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation as the vice president of finance and chief financial officer. Under his leadership, Mr. Jackson assisted the company in pursuing startups and a number of acquisitions. He also played a major role in the sale of The Houston Post Company. Mr. Jackson also worked at Comprint Inc., Bowes Publishers Limited, Orillia Power and The Financial Post Company, and acted as a consultant and financial adviser to NRI Industries Limited of Toronto.

Throughout his career, he worked on various restructuring and refinancing projects, and advised management and various U.S. lending institutions on financial, operational and governance matters. His extensive experience exposed him to all facets of the business and financial industries and he became well versed in handling mergers and acquisition and financial transactions. Mr. Jackson attributes his success to his working with people on a team approach.

Mr. Jackson is a Chartered Professional Accountant and earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and business at McMaster University. He stays abreast of changes in his field through his affiliation with FEI Canada.

Bruce Jackson 1741749


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