Pascale Fressoz

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Pascale Fressoz 1511813Title: Director

Company: Millenium Entreprises

Location: Les Clefs, France

Pascale Fressoz started her career in the packaging industry in a sales position. As she gained experience on an international level, working in England and France, Ms. Fressoz became well versed in developing sales activities in a multicultural environment. Her sales and marketing skills and leadership abilities played a major role in Ms. Fressoz attaining a directorial position in her 30s. Today, Ms. Fressoz continues to thrive in the management consulting industry as the director of Millenium Entreprises, which specializes in developing and implementing strategies that promote business growth. A strategic planner and expert communicator, Ms. Fressoz is tasked with supporting leaders from the public and private sectors in defining strategy, facilitating strategy, execution and evaluation, and training managers and directors within international organizations in seminars on human capital development.

Aside from her work at Millenium Entreprises, Ms. Fressoz is deeply involved in humanitarian work. She created the Alliance Internationale pour les Objectives du Millénaire and co-founded the Global Coalition of Nongovernmental Organizations for the Millennium Development Goals. These organizations support the MDGs established by the United Nations. Ms. Fressoz believes that there are solutions to every global issue and people just need to work together to address and solve them.

Throughout her career, Ms. Fressoz has been involved at the three main levels of society—business, humanitarian and political. She co-authored two management books, and has won numerous awards for her exceptional work. She attributes her success to her innovative solutions, leadership skills, tenacity, and ability to build strong relationships.

Pascale Fressoz 1511813


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