Ian Cromarty

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Ian Cromarty 1651424Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Thermax-IR & Diagnostic Engineers

Location: Linkhill, Pinetown, South Africa

Ian Cromarty is the chief executive of both Thermax-IR and Diagnostic Engineers. Thermax-IR is a survey equipment company while Diagnostic Engineers is an engineering company that provides its clients with a wide range of services.

Mr. Cromarty has been serving as the CEO of Thermax-IR since 1989. In his role, he manages a team of employees, including field technicians, in order to deliver useful information that helps their clients manage the health of their plants. He also develops thermal inspection methods for industrial environments, which are used as a preventative measure to eliminate potential equipment breakdowns. In 2009, Mr. Cromarty took on more responsibilities by assuming the CEO position at Diagnostic Engineers. The company offers services similar to Thermax-IR, but for engineering plants, machines, and equipment. His ultimate goal with both companies is to provide maximum efficiency and prevent plants or factories from shutting down due to faulty equipment.

Mr. Cromarty always thinks outside the box and implements his ideas into action through developing new technologies and methods. He has garnered more than 20 years of professional experience and specializes in electrical power monitoring, vibration analysis, engineering asset recording, and thermal imaging.

Ian Cromarty 1651424


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