Johanne Dufresne

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Johanne Dufresne 1668130Title: Project Management Specialist

Company: Hydro-Québec

Location: Varennes, QC, Canada

Inspired by her father and desiring to utilize her expertise in science and mathematics, and educational background, Johanna Dufresne entered the engineering field. She has garnered 22 years of experience and has spent the last six years serving as a project management specialist at Hydro-Québec, an electricity generator, transmitter and distributor.

Ms. Dufresne handles a myriad of responsibilities in her current role. She manages a portfolio of 20 to 40 projects, including project management, risk management, procurement management and financial control, handles administration of all contracts, drafts recommendations to senior management for obtaining budgets, oversees engineering projects and research and development projects, and defines and writes technical specifications.

Throughout her career, Ms. Dufresne has received numerous excellence awards for research and project development. She also led and managed several projects, worked on turbine-generator refurbishment and overhead crane refurbishment, and designed a metallic floor for a high-voltage laboratory. Ms. Dufresne has been recognized on a global scale for her work and has garnered a strong reputation for her quality work and knowledge of the industry. She is a project management professional through the Project Management Institute and is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Ms. Dufresne attributes her success to her leadership skills, ability to focus on the task at hand, endeavoring to improve in the field, and risk management abilities.

Johanne Dufresne 1668130






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