Elizabeth Driay

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LogoTitle: Energy Trading Consultant

Company: Nishati

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Elizabeth Driay is one of the few women in the oil trading industry. She has been working in the industry for the past 23 years and is recognized for her international experience and knowledge of energy risks. Dr. Driay started Nishati, an energy trading consultancy, in October 2013. Well-respected for her strong skill set and knowledge, Dr. Driay has worked with high-profile clients and major oil companies.

Prior to assuming her current role, Dr. Driay was a trader for Elf trading-Total and a crude oil trader for Sempra Energy Trading. She was also the managing director of Sahara International Geneva and a trading and business development professional at Arcadia Energy Suisse. Her varied background exposed her to all facets of the industry and she became well versed in trading systems and strategies, business planning and development, and building relationships with key industry professionals. Dr. Driay attributes her success to her curiosity, language skills, technical knowledge and international perspective. In the future, she would like to expand her company and its client base.

Dr. Driay is a certified energy risk professional through the Global Association of Risk Professionals, and earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and math at UPMC and a Master of Business Administration in international finance and logistics at Group ESSEC.


Elizabeth Driay


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