Joanne Solverson

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LogoTitle: Livestock Production Sales Representative

Company: UFA

Location: Alberta, Canada

Joanne Solverson is a livestock production sales representative for UFA Limited, an agriculture, farming and petroleum company that provides its clients with a wide range of services. Ms. Solverson has been involved in the agriculture industry her entire life and was eager to develop a career in the field. An expert in working with livestock and communicating with a diverse group of people, Ms. Solverson is responsible for working directly with producers, customers and store managers to increase livestock production. Her vast experience in farming enabled her to receive top sales for four consecutive months and gain a strong reputation throughout UFA. Ms. Solverson earned academic scholarships to pursue a degree in agricultural business and management, and is also a Cattlemen’s Young Leaders graduate. She attributes her success to networking and her determination. Looking toward the future, Ms. Solverson would like to expand the livestock side of the company by 25-30 percent.


Joanne Solverson 1659420


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