Dr. Christian Popp

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LogoTitle: Director of Training and Development

Company: Covidien

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

After studying medicine and working as physician in cardiology, radiology, and surgery, Dr. Christian Popp made the decision to get involved in the medical device industry. He joined Covidien, a company that provides medical devices for vascular therapy, in 2010 and assumed his current position in 2013. Dr. Popp has extensive experience in sales and marketing, and understands how to develop training and business programs. He draws on his past experience and strong skill set to fulfill his responsibilities and drive the success of the company. In his role, Dr. Popp is tasked with developing and delivering training for internal sales representatives, customer service, and train managers, evaluating products, clinicals and sales training, and establishing business needs based sales methods. His goal for the programs is to help other companies integrate new people and technology effectively.

Dr. Popp has 21 years of professional experience and has garnered a reputation as a leader in the industry. Prior to joining Covidien, he served as a sales and marketing manager at Tyco Healthcare, manager at MEX, and TDS therapy development specialist at Boston Scientific. Dr. Popp also served as a resident in surgery and radiology at the General Hospital in Mainz and Bad Kreuznach. He attributes his success to his previous work and educational background in health care, and to his hard work and training. Dr. Popp looks to continue developing and implementing international programs that drive cultural adaption and establish a need-based sales method.

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Christian Popp


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