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Vaunghan Daniels 1485364Title: Global HoLEP Training Manager

Company:  Lumenis LTD

Location: United Kingdom

Inspired by his manager at a pharmaceutical company, Vaughan Daniels established a lengthy career in the health care industry. Mr. Daniels has more than 20 years of professional experience and is recognized for his strong skill set and knowledge of marketing health care companies. He has worked in a variety of capacities throughout his career, and is now focusing his efforts on training surgeons and health care centers worldwide in using HoLEP. This Lumenis system uses Holmium VersaPulse PowerSuite, which incorporates the use of lasers to conduct minimally invasive medical procedures.

Mr. Daniels joined Lumenis LTD, the global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions, in September 2013. Well versed in the company’s products, he is responsible for working with clients around the world in order to ensure they are properly trained on the devices. Mr. Daniels takes great pride in his work and feels privileged to work for an innovative company that is advancing the state of the medial industry.

Mr. Daniels began his studies in Sweden, and eventually studied in the United Kingdom. His extensive work history includes stints at Primax Surgical Limited, Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., and Winchester Pharmaceuticals. In addition, he established the Holmium User Group, and his own medical marketing company, Vaughan Medical Marketing, which he ran for nearly 10 years.

Mr. Daniels attributes his success to his desire to learn and teach others. He looks to continue expanding his knowledge and skills, and continue growing in a professional capacity at Lumenis for years to come.

Vaughan Daniels


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