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Bjorn Ellestad 1786969Title: Owner

Company: The Nordic Lounge

Location: Bandhagen, Sweden

Björn Ellestad has loved traveling since he was a child and decided early on to pursue a career in the field. After gaining more than 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Ellestad ventured out on his own and established The Nordic Lounge, a travel consultancy that provides large-scale solutions and communications services.

The company’s services also include development and project management for business enterprises, such as event planning for conferences, marketing for special events, and product development and testing. Additionally, The Nordic Lounge maintains multiple professional partnerships with organizations, such as notable hotels, transportation providers and graphic design firms, in order to meet clients’ specific needs.

An expert in project management, Mr. Ellestad oversees the creative direction at The Nordic Lounge, handles the contracting of partners and suppliers, and develops new business. He also focuses his efforts on driving new business sales and customizing tailor-made projects for new and existing clients. His greatest career achievement was getting the transportation privileges for the UEFA cup final, where he was responsible for 235 buses in the course of 36 hours.

He attributes his success to his ability to listen to others and provide them with the best service. He is also very personable and sociable. Looking toward the future, Mr. Ellestad aims to expand the business throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Björn Ellestad


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