Goze Bertin Bénié

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Goze Bertin Benie 1635291Title: President

Company: Geoimage Solutions, Inc.

Location: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Goze Bertin Bénié was working as a professor of applied geomatics at Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada when he was asked by the university to create the Geoimage Solutions, Inc. for the commercialization of products and services developed from the research and development conducted at the university. The company was established 13 years ago and specializes in geography and remote-sensing and teledetection.

Mr. Bénié has garnered 27 years of experience and is known for his expert knowledge and deep understanding of geodetic science, remote sensing, the conception and development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and spatial modeling and the development of conceptual models and prototypes of GIS. In his current role, Mr. Bénié is responsible for managing a team of 10 in-house master’s and Ph.D. level professionals working on various geographic information systems projects and up to 30 consultants at a time focused on projects internationally. He also responds to proposals, and oversees project development and implementation. For his exceptional work throughout his career, Mr. Bénié earned the Emeritus Immigrant Research Award in 2008 and a medal from the Association of Vietnamese Geographers.

Mr. Bénié attributes his success to hard work and being humbled by the fact that he has mentored between 50 to 100 international students from countries including Asia, Africa and the U.S. Many of them now work along with him conducting research and developing environmental, natural and water resource information, products and services beneficial to people on the planet today. In the coming years, Mr. Bénié plans to progress from his university career to focus on the management and expansion of Geoimage Solutions, Inc.

Goze Bertin Bénié


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