Isaiah Bauman

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LogoTitle: Owner

Company: Malan Industries Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

After working with his cousin and gaining extensive experience, Isaiah Bauman made the decision to start Malan Industries Inc. The custom metal fabrication shop offers a wide range of metal fabrication services, including cutting and brake forming as well as custom fabrications for components for machinery, cars and trains. Malan Industries Inc. is family owned and operated that prides itself on offering the highest quality services at competitive prices.

Mr. Bauman is recognized for his leadership skill and his industry knowledge. He ensures that he provides fast service and turns out quality work for every project he takes on. In his role, Mr. Bauman is responsible for overseeing daily operations, including shipping, receiving, sales, accounts payable, and bookkeeping, maintaining competitive pricing, and making parts for customers, and components for machinery, cars, and trains.

He attributes his success to the four cousins who work with him. They help him achieve success, and provide quality service that is top-notch. Looking toward the future, Mr. Bauman plans to increase sales and continue building his company.

Isaiah Bauman


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