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Kevin ThomsonTitle: Joint Chief Excitement & Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ways of Work and Wellbeing

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Kevin Thomson started his career in external marketing with brands like Action Man (U.S. GI Joe) and developing the Mr. Men product with Roger Hargreaves, the creator. He fell into the service industry and needed to motivate staff and began the UK first-ever internal-marketing programs. Mr. Thomson is the first ever internal marketer, and the only author of five books on the subject of internal marketing, with two more on the way. For the past three years, he has been serving as the chief excitement as well as chief executive officer of Ways of Work and Wellbeing (WoWW!). The mission of the agency is to help as many customers and clients as it can to put into practice the number one in the five Ways of Wellbeing — to connect. Its passion is to use art and science to generate performance through personality. Mr. Thomson and his colleagues help business customers and consumers via a range of branded and bespoke apps, products and services such as the forthcoming Money Mentor Me! – a U.K. based advisory service.

Mr. Thomson held various positions throughout his illustrious career. He started as a product manager at Target Life Assurance and worked his way up to senior project manager for Fine Art Development and Product Manager at Palitoy. He was also the head of marketing at Trusthouse Forte, marketing controller of Beefeater, executive director of THF Julies Pantry Restaurant Chain, CEO of Marketing Intraface, and founder and president of MCA Marketing and Communication Agency. His various positions opened up opportunities for Mr. Thomson to work with high-profile companies. His clients have been many world leading organizations, including Inland Revenue, BA, Sony, Vodafone, Electrolux, Anglo American, KPMG, Barloworld, Royal and Sun Alliance.

Highly successful in all of his endeavours, Mr. Thomson is extremely proud of how effective his tools and books are.  His books were translated into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Danish, and Italian. He won Gold Awards at the New York Film Festival for the British Airways Putting People First staff motivation program and for Action Man as Toy of the Decade Award. Additionally, Mr. Thomson says he is the only person to create an app that can do a Myers Briggs/Jung Personality in less than 60 seconds with amazing accuracy for those who compare their MBTI. He attributes his success to “Failure! Lots of it. And the drive and determination to succeed regardless. Idea generation. Lots of it. And the tenacity to turn them into products and services (and companies) that sell,” he says. His next venture is EasiPlay Me!  The world’s first instant music teaching system based on the Itten/Bauhaus Colour Wheel and the revolutionary EasiPlay Chord Boards and ‘No Key’ Sheet  Music. He is looking for investors! Launch Q1 2015.

Kevin Thomson


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