Adele Robberstad

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LogoTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Peter F. Heering

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Adele Robberstad started working in consumer packages goods (CPG) 16 years ago. She was drawn to the industry because it is an area where many people are happy to work, due to its often fun and lighthearted nature. She has worked with many of her peers for years and enjoys the challenges that the industry offers.

For the past nine years, Ms. Robberstad has been serving as the chief executive officer of Peter F. Heering, a liqueurs manufacturer that produces, exports, and ships to more than 100 markets across the world. The company is recognized for its Heering Cherry Liqueur, which is the original cherry brandy flavored with cherries, and has been around since 1818.

Ms. Robberstad is recognized as a well-established leader who excels in sales and marketing. She is highly regarded by her peers and employees and works hard to ensure the success of the company. In her role, she is responsible for handling all business operations, traveling for business, developing marketing and branding strategies, and working with both large and small companies.

Her dedication and industry knowledge have assisted in building upon the company brand on an international level. Ms. Robberstad is excited to continue developing the company and expanding its products’ reach for years to come.

Adele Robberstad


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