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LogoTitle: Director of Legal & Business Affairs, Europe and Southeast Asia

Company: Goldman Sachs

Location: California, United States

Goldman Sachs has been Dr. Logan Guzman’s only employer since he was 19 years old. A memorable moment in his life occurred when he was still a teenager and he overheard two men discussing how they wanted to do a joint partnership with a man in his 40s due to the fact that he was an honest, loyal and brave businessman. For Dr. Guzman, it was a lesson at a young age that he wanted to live his life as an honest, loyal and courageous businessman as well.

Dr. Guzman is well versed in investments and the legal side of the financial industry, and concentrates on the markets and providing access to the markets for his clients. He also assists the company’s VIP clients, explains the versatility of the market, works with the trading and research desks to generate trade ideas to match his clients’ needs, and gets to interact with people at a really senior level. For his exceptional work, Dr. Guzman earned numerous accolades from the company. He received Best Equity Deal and Best IPO in 2012, Best Broker for Hedge Funds in 2012, Best Offshore Advisory Offering in 2011, Best Follow on Offering in 2010, Best Award for Emerging Market Investment in 2009, FIG Capital Raising Deal in 2008, and Excellence in Private Equity Advisory Service Audit in 2005. Although highly accomplished, he believes the highlight of his career was serving as the co-head of the Legal Compliance Internal Audit department at Goldman Sachs from 2004 to 2006 in New York. Another highlight was gaining a reputation in the financial industry for coining BRIC for the collaboration with Jim O’Neill, the creator of the BRIC.

Dr. Guzman attributes his success to living his dream, going after what he wants, and the assistance he received from his mentors. He feels fortunate to have worked with, been guided, and collaborated for many years with Goldman Sachs Star Mr. Jim O’Neill, a brilliant and formidable economist who taught him the capacity to do what he does. Looking toward the future, Dr. Guzman intends to help build up Mexico’s economy.

Aside from his work at Goldman Sachs, Dr. Guzman works for a service that trains rescue dogs for the custom tailored needs of those with disabilities. The dogs come from shelters and rescue groups. The clients who use their valuable services include children, veterans, active duty soldiers and other adults. In order to discourage over-breeding, they only use unwanted and abandoned dogs. They do not charge clients and offer lifetime support. They also expose the dogs for various social interaction engagements, such as programs for humane education, disabilities awareness, character development for youth in need of additional life skills assistance, and rehabilitation therapy.

Logan Guzman


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