Gerard de Zeeuw

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LogoTitle: Professor

Company: University of Leuven

Location: Belgium

Inspired by his father and grandfather, who were both professors, Dr. Gerard de Zeeuw entered the field of academia more than 50 years ago. He is recognized for his experience and knowledge of mathematical modeling and statistics, as well as his expertise in research and methodology. In his capacity at the University of Leuven, Dr. de Zeeuw is tasked with teaching and conducting research on statistics, philosophy and methodology.

Dr. de Zeeuw spent the majority of his career working at the University of Amsterdam. He also served as director of the Center for Innovation and Cooperative Technology, in Amsterdam, and of the Lincoln Research Centre, as well as a professor of research of the University of Lincoln, and visiting professor at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside and London School of Economics.

Throughout his career, Dr. de Zeeuw has published widely concerning matters including research design, knowledge creation, social work, human action and mathematical modeling of complex social systems and agro-systems. In 1969, he started a first series, which lead to the foundation of the European Association of Decision Making. In 1979, he created a second series of biannual conferences, based around the concept and name ‘Problems of….’ These conferences centered on themes of method and approach and were extracted from the work of Dr. de Zeeuw, based on a consideration of and concern for improvement. The conferences attempted to reduce the frequent negative side effects of attempts at improvement by creating high quality observations and empowering individuals.

Dr. de Zeeuw is highly accomplished and believes that one of his greatest achievements was teaching people how to do research. A sharp and creative individual, he attributes his success to his persistence and hard work.

Gerard de Zeeuw

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