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Stephen Kettle 1508262Title: Chief Executive Officer, Principal Consultant

Company: Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP)

Location: Colchester, United Kingdom

Stephen Kettle is a highly regarded counter-terrorism professional who specializes in IED search team training, procedures for person-search, search of vehicles, all types of buildings and structures, venues, conferences, airports, hotels and public spaces, predictive behavior profiling, and security questioning. In his current capacity with Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP), he is in charge of designing procedure and planning reception for aircraft and hijackings, training people, and utilizing his multidiscipline counter-terrorism experience to further safety and security in the private sector around the world. Mr. Kettle is also contracted by high-end companies for anti-terrorism and security plans.

Mr. Kettle has 28 years of experience as an international and national counter-terrorist at strategic, tactical and operational levels. He has unique cross-discipline skills as a special branch officer, IED search manager and a national instructor. He also served as an international instructor, national security coordinator, and aviation search expert.

Mr. Kettle became involved in his profession in 1984 when the IRA attempted to blow up the prime minister at a conference. It seemed to him that no police officers were trained to detect explosives, and he wanted to share his knowledge and help protect others. He attributes his success to his tenacity and professional stance to get things right the first time.

Steve Kettle

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