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LogoTitle: Director

Company: National Defense University Press

Location: Washington D.C.

Dr. William Eliason is a combat-decorated military officer who successfully transitioned to a career as a leader in joint professional military education and leader development, publishing and civilian graduate education. Dr. Eliason has been serving in his position for the past four years and has been fairly successful in expanding the reach for the Joint Force Quarterly journal to reach over 500,000 people, mostly online, during a time where publishing seems to be declining. His main goal is to expand the real and to impact to a much broader audience.

An expert in national security and joint military services, Dr. Eliason is responsible for leading a six-person university press staff responsible for publication of Joint Force Quarterly, directing publications in support of the National Defense University mission, supervising the publication of the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff’s professional military journal, and providing 45 hours of resident graduate joint professional military education for a seminar of 15 students at the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. Dr. Eliason is also an adjunct professor for a security studies program.

Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Eliason has presented on a variety of topics regarding nuclear weapons and control. He has also published a variety of papers, including “Bound to Deny? Nuclear Proliferation and its Dangers” and “Slowing the Genie’s Spread: Reversing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Dr. Eliason has won numerous awards for his work and attributes his success to his great mentors, persistence and skill set. In the near future, Dr. Eliason intends to work on a book on the topic of arms control policies, the future of nuclear weapons and the future of international relations. He would like to become more experienced in teaching and writing, as well.

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William T. Eliason


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