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Andrew Warwick-ThompsonTitle: Executive Director of DC, Governance and Administration

Company: The Pensions Regulator

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Andrew Warwick-Thompson has nearly 30 years of experience in pension schemes and pensions investment consulting, spanning assignments in the insurance, pensions funding vehicle and asset management sectors, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Mr. Warwick-Thompson started his career as a lawyer who then got involved in the area of pensions early in his career. He became fascinated by all aspects of pension schemes, particularly their operational, legal and benefit structures, and steadily progressed throughout the field.

Mr. Warwick-Thompson has a deep, practical understanding of U.K. and EU pension schemes, and extensive knowledge of scheme funding vehicles and governance structures. He draws on his background and strong skill set to drive the success of The Pensions Regulator. In his role, he is responsible for working as an executive director and main board director for The Pensions Regulator, overseeing policy development, compliance and enforcement within the U.K. defined contribution market, both on the public and private sector, and handling anti-pensions liberation fraud detection and enforcement.

Throughout his career, he advised leading banks, insurance companies and asset managers on DC product design and market entry strategies in the U.K. and overseas. Additionally, he worked with many well-known public and private sector employers on the design and governance of their domestic and multinational DC retirement programs. Mr. Warwick-Thompson held positions within the insurance, investment and retirement practices, and was elected an Equity Partner of Bacon & Woodrow. He attributes his success to his dedication and passion for the defined contribution pensions community, as well as his overall technical knowledge of pension schemes. Looking toward the future, Mr. Warwick-Thompson plans to help navigate the U.K. and EU pension community through some radical changes and to ensure that all pension schemes are fit for purpose.

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Andrew Warwick-Thompson


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