Ronen Scheflan

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Title: President

Company: Hanita USA

Location: Rockville, MD

Ronen Scheflan is the president of Hanita USA, a coatings manufacturing company that provides the development and conversion of coated, laminated and metallized films for a range of industrial and commercial applications, and services to the label, electronics, and insulation industries as well as the print media and window film markets. The company also has an industrial division for manufacturing and a business division for business-to-business operations.

Mr. Scheflan has garnered 14 years of professional experience and joined Hanita in January 2008. Mr. Scheflan was introduced to the company when working in his field when managing a European plastics company years ago in logistics and sales that did R&D projects with Hanita. Hanita decided to increase its products in Europe and he was asked to expand and changed their operations in the European market. He changed the logistics and sales structure and managed Europe since 2007. During his tenure, he has led the company into cooperation with global players, established several international sales offices, and helped develop Hanita as the leading supplier to the vacuum insulation industry within Europe.

Well versed in identifying the best opportunities in the market and how to meet them with marketable solutions, Mr. Scheflan handles a myriad of responsibilities to ensure the success of the company. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing both divisions of the company and leading their business development processes, sales, logistics and business plans management, ensuring execution of business plans, managing commercial operations, staying directly involved with the business processes for the big accounts, and visiting their medium-sized customers on a biweekly or monthly basis to observe their progress and monitor the actions of the sales people. He also manages international commercial companies for the last eight years, builds budget targets and defines new KPI for the team, prepares and executes new sales and marketing strategies, and negotiates strategic accounts and crisis management.

Mr. Scheflan attributes his success to his ability to determine opportunities in the market for his company to add value and find good long-term business projects for their team. Additionally, his peers have stated that he develops good personal relationships with his customers, as well as with industry colleagues in the market. In the coming years, Mr. Scheflan would like to double activities between both companies among the European and U.S. markets, as he has a record for doubling operations with Hanita.

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Ronen Scheflan


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