Nathaniel Hauptfleisch

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Nathaniel Hauptfleisch 1789230Title: Director

Company: Kappa Engineering

Location: Germiston Knights, South Africa

Nathaniel Hauptfleisch’s love of the engineering field and his desire to learn inspired him to pursue a career in the industry. Mr. Hauptfleisch has more than a decade of experience and has been serving in his current position for the past five years. The Kappa group is a hydraulics engineering company that manufactures, assembles, tests and repairs hydraulic cylinders, and is strong in the underground trackless mining markets, earth moving, drilling and exploration and in the waste removal market. Well versed in repairs, Mr. Hauptfleisch is responsible for overseeing daily business operations, and sharing responsibility of the company with two other directors. He attributes his success to his hard work and determination. Looking toward the future, Mr. Hauptfleisch intends to utilize his strong skill set and knowledge to assist in the company’s expansion.

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Nathaniel Hauptfleisch


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