Max Dunner

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Max DünnerTitle: Financial Director

Company: Hagraf S.A.

Location: Chile

Max Dunner is the financial director of Hagraf S.A., a printing solutions and products company that offers clients a wide range of services. The company provides prepress, postpress and press products and solutions, spare parts for printers, and problem-solving services for machines.

Mr. Dunner is a highly regarded professional with extensive experience in finance and accounting. He has the ability to identify financial problems in various countries and develop solutions. He takes great pride in his work and enjoys getting to work with a diverse group of people. In his role, he conducts financial control for Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

A public accountant, Mr. Dunner has a deep understanding of the finance industry, which has enabled him to become a leader in the field. He is often sought after for advice and guidance, and is seen as a mentor to up-and-coming professionals. Mr. Dunner intends to continue utilizing his skills and knowledge to assist Hagraf S.A. in achieving its business goals.

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Max Dunner



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