Gerald Begeli

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Title: Senior Packaging Consultant

Company: Packinvent

Location: Strängnäs, Sweden

Gerald Begeli started his career working in research and development for the biggest packaging test lab in Europe, where he gained extensive experience in package transportation. Mr. Begeli has amassed 48 years of professional experience, has worked with packaging machines of all kind since 1966, and has been serving in his current position at Packinvent for the past five years. He takes great pride in his work and is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality services. As the senior packaging consultant, Mr. Begeli is responsible for designing packages for different industries based on their specific needs, working with a large Swedish company that produces ready-made meals and designing paper trays for them, lecturing at a high school, and producing instructional and technical videos. Mr. Begeli believes he has been able to excel in his professional endeavors due to his excellent connections with former employees, as well as his experience.

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Gerald Begeli


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