John Hirst

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brandingTitle: Textile Consultant

Company: Gables Textile Consultants

Location: United Kingdom

John B. Hirst started his career serving in the U.S. Air Force. He realized he was interested in pursuing a career in the textile industry, and has spent 50 years refining his skills and knowledge in the field. For the past 15 years, Mr. Hirst has served as a textile consultant for Gables Textile Consultants.

Well versed in the practice of purchasing textiles, Mr. Hirst is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, including management, traveling when necessary, providing leadership skills and technical advice, keeping up-to-date with trends and innovations, working with industry committees, advising and mentoring students in the textile industry, dyeing and printing textiles, and meeting with clients. He also attends conferences and trade exhibitions, looks for the best suppliers, professionals and factories to collaborate with, liaises between the design, marketing, purchases and production teams, identifies and selecting fabrics and products from suppliers, and deals with customer queries and complaints. He takes great pride in his work and attributes his success to dedication and hard work.

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John B. Hirst


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