Marie Monast-Helmers

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Marie Monast-Helmers 1755562Title: Montessori Directress, Supervisor, Principal, Proprietor

Company: Our Lady Queen of Peace Montessori Bilingual School

Location: Ontario, Canada

Marie Monast-Helmers was inspired to enter then education field through teaching her children and grandchildren. She wanted to make a difference in child-rearing with the needed love and respect, and has been serving as an educator for more than two decades. As the principal, proprietor and directress of Our Lady Queen of Peace Montessori Bilingual School, Ms. Monast-Helmers is responsible for supervising all aspects of the school, teaching preschool part time, handling administrative duties, and operating a Montessori toddler and preschool facility for children 18 months to 5 years old. She says of the school, “We strive to give a professional service to the families who enroll their child(ren) at our preschool. We do beyond and above the DNA requirements. We also participate in Raising The Bar for Quality in our district. We are a Catholic private preschool opened to all other denominational registrants whose parents agree with our philosophy. Prayer is said at our first circle and at all meals. The children are also learning French as a second language, a sound base for French Immersion Schools in town.” Ms. Monast-Helmers had been able to excel in her field due to her hard work and her determination to succeed.

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Marie Monast-Helmers


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