Maria Franksen

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Maria Franksen 1807521Title: Traffic Network Manager

Company: Volvo Group Trucks Operations

Location: Sweden

Maria E. Franksen entered the supply chain management field more than 20 years ago because she knew it was a field she could succeed in. She has steadily progressed to become one of the most respected leaders who is often sought after for advice and guidance by others. Ms. Franksen joined Volvo in 1996and assumed her role of transport network manager in August 2013. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys the challenges she is asked to take on and the people she works with.

Ms. Franksen has worked around the world and has achieved great success in her roles. She is credited with turning the results and KPI´s around at a plant in Sweden where she managed, for the first time in history, to achieve all green KPI´s. Ms. Franksen also led the project at Volvo of testing that introduced a new process and IT-system for the Brazilian Customs.

Ms. Franksen’s leadership skills and never-ending interest in people and places have enabled her to excel in her professional endeavors. She has accumulated many cross-cultural skills that have made her business life more successful and fun. In her current position, Ms. Franksen is responsible for maintaining responsibility for logistics, as well as supply chain services within seven plants, optimizing transportation, and increasing employee satisfaction. Her attitude, skill set and competence have allowed her to excel in her professional endeavors. Ms. Franksen is a natural-born leader with a never-ending interest in people and places.

Ms. Franksen is currently looking for a new challenge as a leader, preferably within supply chain or sales because she wants to develop further. She has finished the diploma for working in a company board and is currently looking into a few offers.

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Maria E. Franksen


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