Tiberius Trailin

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Title: Director of Catering

Company: Great Events Group

Location: Calgary, Canada

Tiberius S. Trailin is an event specialist with 28 years of professional experience. For the past nine years, Mr. Trailin has worked for Great Events Group, a catering and event planning company. During his tenure, he has helped grow the company from $3 million revenue to more than 15 million in a period of 14 years.

Recognized for his organization, Mr. Trailin has hosted numerous heads of state and royalty, including the Queen of England, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Philip, as well as celebrities, including Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. He has also participated in the planning the wine menu and food menu for Bow Valley Ranche Rsetaurant, which opened recently.

The winner of the American Express Service Award, Mr. Trailin attributes his success to his work ethic and time management skills.

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Tiberius S. Trailin


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