Christina Skytt

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Title: Founder, Top Executive Coach

Company: Power Goals Academy

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Christina Skytt began her illustrious career in international business. Even though she excelled, she had always wished she had a coach to guide her along the way. This inspired her to pursue a career in coaching and establish Power Goals Academy.

Ms. Skytt is a top executive coach around the world, who has assisted countless individuals in achieving their business and career goals. She founded the company in 2013 with the goal of achieving real, lasting, powerful results by focusing on personal development through inspirational speaking, coaching and training. Well versed in strategic marketing and information technology services, Ms. Skytt works with top executives, entrepreneurs and clients from all walks of life. She has worked with individuals at Apple, Ericsson, Oriflame, Electrolux, Wyeth, Carlsberg, Pfizer, and East Capital.

Ms. Skytt is also the author of “Power Goals: 9 Steps to Achieving Life-Changing Goals.” She attributes her success to her persistence, upbringing and determination. Looking forward, Ms. Skytt intends to become a leading voice for Power Goals Academy worldwide.

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Christina Skytt


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