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Martin O'Neill 1784311Title: Freelance Publisher

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Martin O’Neill entered the publishing industry more than 40 years ago due to his interest in the field. He has worked in variety of high-level capacities before venturing out on his own and becoming a freelance publisher. Throughout the industry, Mr. O’Neill has garnered a reputation for being passionate about protecting intellectual property rights. In ISO, he was known as “Mr. Positive,” due to the constructive approach he takes to problem-solving. He has on two occasions rescued publications operations from administrative chaos and earned the nickname “Mr. Fix-It.”

Mr. O’Neill’s past experience working with international companies and organizations devoted to publishing scientific, technological, and medical information via electronic and print media, has enabled him to learn all facets of the publishing industry. Although highly accomplished, he believes the highlight of his career was when he set up one of the first peer-reviewed English-language journals with an Asian editor-in-chief based in Asia. Nonlinear Optics was reviewed in Nature on first publication. He has worked as a mentor, consultant and trainer, and has had great success in increasing revenue and subscribers for various publications.

He attributes his success to meeting the expectations and aspirations of all involved in the publishing process – editors, authors, readerships, distributors, and the marketing, production and executive staffs of publishing companies. In the future, Mr. O’Neill aims to have a reasonably stable panel of clients, and will have embarked on the recruitment of staff to provide more service coverage.

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