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Andy Williams 1817703Title: Principal Geophysicist

Location: Alberta, Canada

Inspired by Tuzo Wilson, one of the great fathers of Plate Tectonic theory, Andy Williams decided to study geophysics while at university and during his career in oil and gas. Throughout his career, Mr. Williams served as a geophysicist with Chevron Canada Resources, Wascana Energy, Nexen and North American Oil Sands Corporation. He is a highly accomplished professional who believes that one of his greatest achievements was the part he played in Nexen’s involvement in the Long Lake SAGD/Upgrader project. He took a small team of four professionals through to executing the first 81 SAGD well pair drilling program in five years. Mr. Williams works with a diverse group of clients and specializes in high-resolution and cost-effective 3-D seismic acquisition, quantitative interpretation and AVO compliant processing. He believes he has been able to excel in his profession over a 24-year period due to being a big picture guy, imagination, creativity, asking a lot of questions, hard work, perseverance and education. In the coming years, Mr. Williams aims for continued professional growth by way of challenging opportunities and projects.

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Andy J. Williams


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