Barry Flowerdew

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Title: Managing Director

Company: Autovillage Ltd

Location: United Kingdom

In 1971, Barry K. Flowerdew started his career in the automotive industry, where he was responsible for fitting and supplying car entertainment systems. He sold that company in 1975 and purchased a lotus care dealership, eventually selling it in 1980. Next, Mr. Flowerdew purchased a Vauxhall dealership, and entered into the military and diplomat sector with a Volvo franchise. That business, Autovillage Ltd, was established in 1975 and he is still running it today.

Mr. Flowerdew currently serves as the managing director of Autovillage Ltd, a car dealership that provides special discounts for military personnel and diplomats. An expert salesman, he is responsible for overseeing daily operations, including recruitment, sales, new business development, strategy, negotiation and budgeting, providing leadership skills, checking car orders and shipments and setting the direction and vision.

For his exceptional work, Mr. Flowerdew earned the Top Volvo Military Sales in the United Kingdom. He attributes his success to honesty and professionalism. In five years, Mr. Flowerdew plans to grow the business and eventually retire.

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Barry K. Flowerdew


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