Colin Wheldon James

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Colin James 1775203Title: Director

Company: Pastoral Audiobooks

Location: United Kingdom

Colin Wheldon James’ passion for history and storytelling prompted him to establish Pastoral Audiobooks, an audiobooks and CD production company. The company’s products focus on historical topics, giving detailed accounts of people and events, as well as general overviews. Mr. James has been involved in the field for 16 years and has been growing and building Pastoral Audiobooks over the past two years.

An expert in Medieval European history, Mr. James spends his days researching, editing, marketing, working directly with clients, and developing the business. He draws on his past and current experience, he is a lecturer on the topic of Medieval European history at Swansea University, to develop the most comprehensive and entertaining audiobooks on the market. He attributes his success to his creativity. In the near future, Mr. James intends to expand the company internationally.

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Colin Wheldon James


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