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Ilene Gellings 1761440Title: Owner, Customer Sales and Service Specialist

Company: Toerper Tech and Precision LTD

Location: Alberta, Canada

Farming is part of Ilene M. Gellings’s life. She grew up on a family farm and realized, early on, the importance of all farm structures and sizes. Today, she is a well-established agronomist who has garnered 15 years of industry experience. For the past three, Ms. Gellings has served as the owner and a customer sales and service specialist for Toerper Tech and Precision LTD. Her company is an independent trimble agricultural reseller that provides clients with farm information management services, GPS steering and guidance, rate and section control, soil profiling, soil sampling, and UAS (unmanned aerial system). The company’s main goal is to “take precision agriculture to the next level.”

Ms. Gellings’s extensive experience in the field and her passion for the work have propelled her to elite status within the industry. She is recognized for her expertise in agronomy, precision agronomy, technology, and insurance for risk management farming. She draws upon her skills set and knowledge to drive the success of her company. As the owner, Ms. Gellings is responsible for handling customer service, sales and administration. She also develops the company’s vision and assists the business in becoming a leader in farm data analysis and data connectivity.

Aside from her work at Toerper Tech and Precision LTD, she is also the owner of Fundamental Ag Solutions Corp, and an independent revenue insurance adviser. She attributes her success to her common sense and ability to see things clearly. Looking toward the future, Ms. Gellings aims to grow professionally and sustain her business.

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Ilene Gellings



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