Jaime Antonio Sánchez Rosaldo

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Sanchez Rosaldo Talento y Arte

Location: Ciudad de México, Mexico

Jaime Antonio Sánchez Rosaldo’s career began in 1970 when he worked for Discos Musart. He has worked in the music industry for 44 consecutive years as a music producer and artist manager. He has sold millions of records and has produced dozens of artists throughout Latin America. For the past four years, he has served as the chief executive officer of Sanchez Rosaldo Talento y Arte, an entertainment and talent management company that offers services in production, independent recordings, concerts, videos, and pop music.

An expert in management, Mr. Sánchez Rosaldo is responsible for supervising employees and overseeing operations. He takes great pride in his work and ensures he provides clients with the highest quality services. Mr. Sánchez Rosaldo also enjoys being able to work with his daughter and watching her become successful has been a highlight throughout the duration of his career. He attributes his success to his passion and always setting goals for himself.

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Jaime Antonio Sánchez Rosaldo


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