Glen A.V. Beache

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Glen Beache 1459609Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SVG Tourism Authority

Location: Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Glen A.V. Beache is a highly regarded professional who has worked in government capacities before becoming the CEO of SVG Tourism Authority, a national tourism agency that provides clients with a wide range of hospitality services. Mr. Beache was the minister of the government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for eight years, and held the position of junior minister of transportation. These past experiences have shaped him into the knowledgeable and innovative leader his is today. An expert in marketing and public relations, Mr. Beache is responsible for ensuring company standards, managing tourism and investments in the country, and handling negotiations with international airlines. He attributes his success to his hard work, patience and willingness to learn. Looking toward the future, Mr. Beache hopes to gain more experience in the field and travel to more destinations.

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Glen A.V. Beache


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