Isabelle Mathieu

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Title: International Financial Director

Company: Bameo

Location: Charleville-Mézières, France

Isabelle Mathieu is a corporate operational finance specialist who currently serves as the international financial director at Bameo, an infrastructure company that completes dam projects in France spanning a period of 30 years. Ms. Mathieu recently assumed her current role, but has been involved in the financial industry for more than three decades. During the last 25 years, Ms. Mathieu has achieved major steps in her professional qualification in finance characterized by complex environments and combined with a robust and “down to earth” practice. She has developed a fully international profile through working in different countries in Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, Italy), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Uruguay) with a mix of country and regional responsibilities. 

Ms. Mathieu has achieved great success throughout her career due her ability to obtain support from key people within different organizations who were in a driving seat to run change management. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to develop a fully international and make vast contributions to the field. Her contribution include developing shareholders’ agreements with the Nordin family members in Sweden (who were Graninge first shareholders) in order to secure to EDF a combined majority position into Graninge and an entry point into the Scandinavian electricity market was also a highlight of her career. Ms. Mathieu continues to draw on her past experience and strong skill set to deliver results for Bameo. Due to her dedication and knowledge, she is often asked to run big projects on an international basis, including the creation and development of new structures, especially holdings and JVs, and being familiar with institutional environment interaction.

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Isabelle Mathieu


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